Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Financial Times: The Network is the Computer

[guest post by TS]

An All Things D article this morning about The Financial Times discusses the new FT HTML5 website developed to provide iOS functionality on a website without requiring distribution via Apple's App store, thereby presumably circumventing App store pricing policies.  While at first blush circumventing the high cost of doing business in Apple's domain appears to be the point, do you remember when Apple introduced the idea of programming everything in HTML5 instead of the Flash-based web technology everyone was beginning to use?  The FT is merely trailblazing in the direction Apple has pointed: using HTML5 to make more efficient use of web bandwidth.  While the App store and iOS make use of the old PC-centric ideal with which the world's computer-customer-base is so familiar, HTML5 plays into the iCloud ideal popularized by John Gage's Sun Microsystems pronouncement that "the network is the computer".


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