Monday, June 6, 2011

AAPL Floating on iCloud Ten

[guest post by TS]

You may have been living under an iRock these last few years, as the world experienced its first (2nd?) iRecession.  Perhaps you didn't know that iAAPL has been recreating the word "revolution" - using a "smart" version of that thing popularized by Nokia and Motorola, the mobile phone, to entice customers into their iStores, where a bunch of iPods and iMacs were waiting to be purchased.

Well, welcome to the future folks, where we will not only be living under the iCloud, but listening to our music from it, streaming our documents from it, recording our HD video to it, and backing up our brains to it with a wet-link.  Now, it looks like Apple couldn't secure the domain - that links over to, an iCloud look-alike put together by Swedish/American company xcerion.  But, don't worry--why do you think Apple has billions in it's warchest?

(oops, spoke too soon - the page now redirects to  [NB: no longer redirects to - is now Apple's!  :-]

Do you think Apple is right? from the floor of this morning's WWDC, in San Fran:

11:07 am Lots of customers saying they want an iPad or iPhone as their only device.
11:07 am "We're living in a post-PC world."


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