Thursday, June 16, 2011

Will Facebook Make the RockMelt Browser Popular?

According to Wikipedia, RockMelt is a social media web browser. The project is backed by the Netscape founder Marc Andreessen.  It integrates a unique technique for surfing the web that focuses on Google Search Social Media, in particular Facebook and Twitter. RockMelt supports Windows and Mac OS X platforms. RockMelt is based on Google's open-source project Chromium.

You can download  it here. Need some help?

Just recently Facebook has collaborated with RockMelt on a new version of the socially savvy web browser.
TechCrunch says it’s been known unofficially as the Facebook browser.

Where does this leave Bing Search?
Microsoft has it's own deal with Facebook.
"Bing is surfacing in search results which Websites users' friends Liked.
Bing director Stefan Weitz told eWEEK those Websites will bubble to the top of search results. For example, friends who have "Liked" a recipe will have those Webpages surfaced in search results.
Bing will also retrieve information about users from Facebook on the search-results page, and even let users post Bing Shopping recommendations on their Facebook wall.
Moreover, the all-important Bing Bar also includes a universal "Like" button to let users tag any Website they prefer. RockMelt, it should be noted, has already taken a similar approach for its Web browser.
All of these Facebook integration perks are geared to give users personalized search results based on the opinions of their friends.
What this means, opined Duane Forrester, senior product manager with Bing's Webmaster Program, is that decisions can now be made not just with facts, but with the opinions of trusted friends. Forrester added:
"By integrating social signals from the social sphere, we can help guide searchers to the best results. If people feel something is worth calling out socially as "the best," it's obvious hearing their opinions at the time someone is scanning for search results can have an impact on click choices made by that individual searcher."

Google & Twitter have their own versions
Google has the +1 button which allows user to share search results.

TechCrunch continues
"Now, most socially savvy websites already include a “Follow us on Twitter” link, and it’s not exactly an arduous task to click on the link and then sign up to follow a company via the Twitter website. Still, the Follow button should make the process even simpler by not requiring readers to leave their current website"


  1. I think google's +1 will take the web by storm in the coming months...

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    What makes the +1 button unique?