Monday, April 11, 2011

Continually Review Your Personal Penny Stock History

It can be very instructional to look back at your previous picks to see what survived and what died the penny stock death.  Here're two views from my past creativity: a Chogger comic, and an e-newsletter I sent to a circle of friends in 2003.

TrashStock 1 - made 04/24/09 by landalex

---- the 8/27/2003 e-newsletter ----------------------

check this blurb out about Sandisk in specific and tech positions
generally. I'm really ambivalent about the market at this
point...maybe it's my biorhythms. :-) I've trimmed my SNDK position
at the recent high, by 75%, but have moved those same funds into LEXR
and FLSH (to build existing positions). SNDK has the dominant
position in the Flash ram industry (for pure plays, versus non-pure
plays like Intel and AMD), but LEXR and FLSH are building market
share (and revenue) quickly.

Also at this point I really like and have built my positions in both
BRCD and OPSW. Fidelity recently let slip that they've built their
position in BRCD to 7.5% of outstanding shares...and I think that
since the slide of BRCD lagged the down market, it's rise will lag
the up market (and, of course, following any earnings news).
Opsware, formerly Loudcloud (of Marc Andreesson fame), has come back
up from a low of $.35 (if only I'd bought then!) and similar to
Freemarkets is now priced near to their initial offering price.
Opsware does software for datacenters....and in fact used to run
datacenters but sold the hardware part of their business to EDS,
which included a 5-year contract to manage those datacenters for EDS.

I also like and have built position in BCSI (formerly Cacheflow).
They've come back nicely from a low of 2.50; but since their market
is extremely narrow (internet security devices) I can't recommend
them as anything more than pure speculation. ;-)

There's an interesting article in today's WSJ about market timing.
Although I talk "buy and hold", in today's market you can't
successfully surf the waves and troughs without blending "buy and
hold", "market timing", "gut feeling" and consistent research.

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