Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RIMM seeking advise on strategic options

There are reports out of Bloomberg News  that Research in Motion is seeking help from a International Bank and a Canadian Bank on what are its viable strategic options.

From the Bloomberg News Report:
"A decision to work with at least one bank could come in the next few days, said one of the people, who asked to remain anonymous because the deliberations are private. RIM would prefer an agreement to license its mobile-phone software, and its next choice is a strategic investment, one person said. RIM doesn’t plan to sell itself, the person said.

RIM spokeswoman Tenille Kennedy declined to comment, citing company policy."

"RIM will redouble efforts to attract business customers while reviewing options, such as licensing, partnerships, joint ventures and other ways to “leverage” assets. Other options include finding ways to wring more money from its messaging service and patents portfolio, which are its most valuable assets, the people said."

The Toronto Star reports :

But analyst Kevin Dede of Auriga USA didn’t expect a firm step toward a sale until much later this year at the earliest.

“It surprises me, because I really thought they’d wait and see how the BB10 devices did before they seriously considered a sale. I think some people had overplayed Heins’ remarks about a sale,” said Dede referring to BlackBerry phones using RIM’s long-awaited new operating system. RIM has said that BB10 devices are expected to launch late in the second quarter.
The second quarter ends around the last week in August. Either way, this is a long deliberate process. The stock price will be affected by many rumors and set backs.

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