Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Research in Motion Mobile Fusion

Research in Motion(RIMM) is well known in the Enterprise segment of the smartphone mobile device segment.  Their flagship BlackBerry brand uses a  proprietary browser and operating system to insure a secure, unfragmented code. However, the smartphone segment is changing.

Research in Motion(RIMM) has just released a product that is in response to the new trend in the smartphone industry.  This allows IT personnel, in conjunction with the Enterprise Business Server (BES), to provide messaging, email, virtual network and browsing for any enterprise. { No more IT banning of browser software or apps }. Ever since the rise in Android and iPhone devices, the user has not been tied to a platform or operating system, and can pick and choose the features she wants. The customers and users in this industry have evolved into the "bring-your-own-device"  or "BYOD" movement.

The newly released product is the Mobile Fusion device management product. Mobile Fusion is described on the Blackberry website as:
BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion helps make managing mobile devices faster, easier and more organized than ever before. From a single, web-based interface, provision, audit and protect mobile devices, including BlackBerry smartphones1, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets and devices that use iOS®2 and Android™3 operating systems.

With this product customers can buy any phone they want and it can be managed by the  enterprise. An estimate of enterprises global spending on fixed and mobile communications services approach $425 billion annually.

The new barrier to entry is now the carrier and its associated sales channel.  
Now prime real-estate shelf space and exclusivity in the channel outlet will determine success of a phone device.

Existing Competitors in the Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Other than BlackBerry's BES suite there are others in this space.
Read MDM wiki for more or do a search on Mobile Device Management

Two examples are highlighted below:
Tangoe, Inc. recent IPO (TNGO)

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