Monday, August 15, 2011

Patents Trump Products

Google's bid to purchase Motorola Mobility is a clear shot across Apple's bow.  While on the face of it Google may be seeking to marshall forces in the Android smartphone device arena, "What Google likely wants from the acquisition is Motorola's trove of more than 17,000 patents on phone technology. Google recently lost out" in Apple's group buy of Nortel patents...that won't happen again.

IMHO, however, I think Google will only succeed beyond Apple if they take a page from Apple's book and innovate ahead of the market.  Time will see if anybody can out-Apple Apple.

Unless they tell us otherwise, I think RIMM, NOK and Samsung's collective geese are cooked. Their patent portfolios (and Samsung's flash & screen production capabilities) are going forward more valuable than their products.  They similarly need to out-Apple Apple... but don't bet on it.


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