Wednesday, July 13, 2011

$LSCG and $VUOC Will Save the Planet

As can be seen from headlines decrying government legislation and from discussions with your peers, technologies which purport to "save the planet" or "reduce reliance on foreign oil" are using push-button issues which are sensitive to both sides of the aisle to generate buzz and funding.  The hullabaloo surrounding incandescent light bulbs has been swirling since the 2007, when the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 put into law bulb efficiency improvement requirements of 25% by 2014 and equivalency of 200% improvement by 2020.  Note, this law, signed by George W. Bush, also requires tighter automobile CAFE standards, raising fleetwide economy to 35 mpg, but of course the issue couldn't possibly be about this multi-billion-dollar industry, could it?

In any event, Republicans tried yesterday to deep-six the law proposed four years ago by the Democrats, and failed.  Rising from the ashes of this failure, Lighting Sciences Group (LSCG), an LED-bulb-only company pushing several families of consumer and commercial LED lighting solutions, and Vu1 Corporation (VUOC) with a new non-LED, non-CFL bulb in development and nearing UL-approval and distribution, both have a chance to surge into the marketplace with their alternatives to CFL.  Whether they can compete is a long-shot, but LSCG's LED and VUOC's Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) are viable alternatives, and the companies could also be buy-out opportunities for someone looking to get into an industry with a truly global market.

Do these companies have a snow-balls chance?  I believe that they do.


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