Thursday, May 5, 2011

Multiple Parallel Universes

I'm not telling you to try multiple trading styles. Consistency in methodology is essential for success. What I am saying is that we build intellectual walls around our lives. We have a standard set of friends, we read the same blogs as our peers, and we gravitate towards people with the same interest and opinions as ours.

But it's not only our own cognitive bias we have to be aware of.

Even google search gives us results cultivated from our tastes, opinions and location. If you visit only one financial site, do you know what topics and information they are not writing about?

When I start to explore and study a new financial topic or tool I'm always blown away. My findings always lead to new vibrant independent and self-sufficient parallel universe of people, blogs and ideas. Small blog lead to blog rolls of sites I have never heard of. Articles lead to professional experts I never realized existed. I don't know why these sites are hidden or anonymous. These forums are hidden away in small niches and small worlds. Can you use this new data in your trading? Maybe, but you'll have to go look for it. Multiple Parallel Universes exist that hide from us until we are ready to find them.

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