Monday, May 23, 2011

Google must control everything now

Google must be taking over the world. As soon as it gets slow or crashes, all other websites slow down.
Ubiquitous AdSense and Google analytics run everything!

So I try to blog about it. No, Google owns that space with
I try to go into my email account. No, I use Gmail...
I try to go into Google Finance. Wait, how about Yahoo Finance. Well, that is sort of working. But if I click on a Headline Link it slows down because of the ads served by Google.
No images are served up on search engines....

All the search engines seem backuped and slow....what's wrong with Yahoo search?
DoubleClick is affecting other websites....
Even Stumble isn't working...

I wonder if this is affecting Android Apps?
Wait, why is Twitter slow?
Ahhhh! "don't be evil" has got to stop this. "do no harm" is killing me.

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