Monday, March 5, 2012

OmniVision and OV8830

From the latest 10Q from OmniVision (OVTI)
In February 2011, we also introduced the OV8830, our most advanced 8-megapixel image sensor to date, and the first to use our second generation OmniBSI-2 pixel architecture. Implementing the latest developments in BSI pixel technology, the OV8830 combines low power consumption, small die size and best-in-class pixel performance with advanced image processing features. This combination allows the OV8830 to support enhanced, fast frame rate image capture and 1080p or 720p HD video recording, making it highly suitable for feature rich smart phones. OmniBSI-2 technology is our first pixel architecture built on 300 mm wafers using a copper process with 65 nm design rules, which enables a number of improvements over OmniBSI technology’s performance, including improved pixel layout, better isolation, and reduced crosstalk.

It continues with the following:
We also experienced a recent and unanticipated extension in the product development cycle of our OV8830 product. This delayed the production ramp up of this new sensor. Towards the end of our second quarter of fiscal 2012, we started to ship this product in very limited quantities. 
I feel the OV8830 is a perfect match for the iPhone 5. It would set the tone for the next generation of better quality video in the next couple of product introductions from Apple (AAPL). The iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in September. Even if it is released at the end of the year, with a 5 to 6 month ramp-up, production of the 0V830 line could begin as soon as May.

It could even have been squeezed into the iPad 3 production, rumored due on March 7th.

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