Monday, February 28, 2011


Is there a way to make a template for themes?

Primary theme, Assumptions, Timing, alternatives,
Secondary evidence, anecdotal evidence, second derivative markets,
catalysts[what drives this market?], descriptors[market,volatility]
global affects
what are real facts, what's hypothesis, historical reference,
what's affected, what are correlated assets,
what's signal for  a change in the trend, what's the best gauge or index/etf to watch
what are contrary opinions, the prevailing opinion
any counter-intuitive proposition,
what subtleties are there, alternatives
cyclical and macro economic headwinds
buy/sell side sentiment,
political sentiment,
hedge,  black swan, white crow

Overwhelming. But if you did it on a routine basis, and reviewed it once a month, you could use it when you thought it was appropriate. You could do the final analysis on the individual stock when ready. I'll let you know if it works.

You are speculating, though. How many themes should be attempted at one time?

That's my amateur guess.

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